About Us

Hello from Bali,

In the middle of year 2005,  Bali Francophone started opening tourism transport services in Legian, Bali. The most customer we had from the hotel around Legian, Kuta or Seminyak. Time after time, we are getting known as transport service for Bali expat and some recommendation from the past customers.

There are always improving for quality of service, itineraries stay impressive, making more challenge to get more customers and keep the work reputation as first priority.

We are not just an excellent driver skills, customize the circuits in Indonesia, accompany customer to learn more about local people, life, culture, art and environment. Bali Francophone can speaking English or French. Get to know several areas throughout Indonesia. Do not be hesitate to ask more about Indonesia, we are glad to serve you.

Bali Francophone has  a team work, they are all experienced in their work. Our team members are so friendly, polite, have positive value and responsibility. Nothing to be worry about changing our crews on duty while they are serving you, we are in one work flag,

So, We wish you to be our customer in the future.

Best Regards,

Benny Herlanda


(+62)813 383 12473


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