The Scenic Routes of Bali

The shimmering green jewel in Indonesia’s crown of islands, Bali has epitomized tropical paradise for decades. This is an island of soaring volcanoes, of rice terraces tumbling down the hillsides in sculpted tiers, of fantastic Hindu temples and of glorious beaches.

It is a journey that crosses the village combined with a visit several places of worship the Balinese, culture and adventures. Type of tour is designed as attractive as possible for you to choose. Composed of several different routes throughout Bali.

Rice terraces of Bali

The rice terraces are fabulous views

Special journey with the beauty of Balinese panoramas and traditional villages excursion :

  1. The Scenic Routes of Munduk, the village of Munduk has a reasonable and excellent base for exploring. There are plenty of tracks in the area to waterfalls, rice fields, coffee, clove plantations.
  2. The Scenic Routes of Pupuan, the road from Tabanan to Pupuan commands some beautiful lovely views as it crosses through the mountains, rice field valleys and traditional small villages. The great view point is on the village of Belimbing, Blahmantung waterfalls and Busungbiu
  3. The Scenic Routes of Ubudstarting from Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary, waterfall in Gianyar, Ceking village and rice terraces, and Tampaksiring temples
  4. The Scenic Routes of Sidemen, taking route to mount Batur and Lake are majestic and views spectacular, making a walk to the river of Sidemen, and get to the pure whitesand beach at Perasi near Candidasa, most people say Virgin beach, sheltered by rocky headlands with good views of Gili Biaha

For complete your scenic journey, more efficient and practical is staying in every some destinations. It is a recommended because the accommodation available to suit your journey. Not a final choice, you decide and we will adjust it. For more adventures and activities, do not be hesitate to send your question to us. These are lots of things to do with us, exploring Bali has never end up and a plenty of exciting activities opportunity. We highly value your trust. You need to know, there’s no trick to tell you to shopping, dining or staying at a hotel. We are a pure tour services which already have good reputations.

Consult your visit before arrive in Bali, we will design an efficient and interesting itinerary with reasonable fee.

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