Kecak, Balinese traditional dance-drama


The one famous of performance dance in Bali, Kecak sometimes called the Monkey dance after the animals represented by the chorus.The Kecak gets its Balinese name from the hypnotic chattering sounds made by the a Capella choir. Chanting nothing more than “cak cak cak cak“. The chorus of fifty or more men uses seven different rhythms to create the astonishing music that accompanies the drama. The narrative itself is taken from a core episode of the Ramayana, centering around the kidnap of Sita by the demon king Rawana and is acted out in the middle of the chorus circle with one or two narrators speaking for all the characters. While visit one of Bali’s holiest and most important temples, Pura Luhur Uluwatu commands a superb position on the edge of a sheer rocky promontory jutting out over the Indian Ocean, it’s a favorite spot at sunset. The temple structure itself, though, lacks magnificence, being relatively small and for the most part unadorned. Kecak dance performance play regularly here. Entrance ticket open around 5 pm.

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